Deploying this site with GitHub Actions

GitHub pages is a free static hosting provider that unsurprisingly works well with a git workflow. It enables git push to deploy type workflows. This site itself is a static site built with hugo and deployed to GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions.

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Weather Data after Dark Sky Shutdown

Dark Sky is discontinuing their API and Android app after joining Apple. It was my favorite weather app, both from a data and UX perspective. They apparently aggregate from many different sources to have the best predictions and world wide coverage. I'm not sure I actually need all of that and am curious to make my own solution. Making my own app This seems like a great opportunity to learn Flutter.

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Exporting Google Saved Places

I've made use of Google Saved Places for a while now. I have the standard ⭐ “Starred”, 🚩 “Want to go”, and ❤ “Favorites” lists as well as some specific to cities. Saved places is really convenient when you're deciding where to go. My want to go list helps me remember the places I want to try and the favorites list often helps me find a place if I can't quite remember the name of it.

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Josh Kasuboski

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Josh Kasuboski is currently interested in developer productivity. He works to make it easier for a developer to take code from laptop to production.