GitOpsing the cluster

I kept track of how I set up my Raspberry Pi cluster along the way, but hadn't committed it to git. Today that changed.

GitOps and the repo

If you're not familiar with GitOps, the people at weaveworks have a nice article.

I pushed my setup to kasuboski/k8s-gitops. It should have everything that's deployed on my cluster.

Each folder at the top level is basically a namespace currently. The ingress folder does contain the ingress-nginx and cert-manager namespaces.

I hadn't pushed it earlier because I still haven't figured out my strategy for secrets. For now, the only secret needed is for fathom. I used git-crypt to encrypt on push and decrypt on pull. That works fine for now. There's a nice walkthrough here.

I was looking to use, but would need to figure out how I want to interface with it. In the past, I've made an operator similar to kubernetes-external-secrets. That will authenticate a workload and fetch its credentials from outside the cluster. I wanted to use SPIFFE for workload identity, but it seemed Spire doesn't publish ARM images.

Fully reconciling

My cluster is still managed manually, albeit from checked in manifests (it also upgrades automatically).

The next step is to use a GitOps Operator. I've used ArgoCD before, but flux has been seeming more lightweight. It may come down to which one supports ARM better.

I also want to make the yaml easier to manage. First, using kustomize to tie it all together and then exploring jk to make templates in Typescript.